High Resolution DNV (DayNightVision) Display System

Day & Night Vision (DNV) Display System

Our new projection system combines the best of the visible - and the night vision world. It is the evolution of two high end projectors that evolve into a unique extra ordinary system.

Day scenes can be displayed up to a resolution of 4096x2400 with a dual lamp brightness of about 5000lm. Night scenes benefit from a native contrast ratio of 10.000:1 allowing low back light levels while generating bright light spots that dazzle the eye. Simultaneously the established night vision projector modnight 300 produce a near infrared content overlaying the visible output on the screen. Now your trainees will judge themselves when to use their own NV goggles.

The combination of the image path for the visible and the near infrared channel happens at a specially designed mirror that reflects visible and transmits near infrared light without affecting the image quality.

A customisable deflection mirror system allows a very compact system set up making it fit into many different simulator housings.

Of course we offer the possibility to redesign the mechanics of the projectors or their mountings depending on our customer needs.