Optical design

Projector Design Services

M-Tech Systems GmbH has many years of experience in the development and design of new opto-mechanical products such as projection systems and camera systems. M-Tech Systems GmbH uses state of the art optical engineering software and optical calculation tools such as ZEMAX.

Optical design for projectors

It all starts at the light source. No matter if the light is emitted from an LED or Laser or any other kind of light bulb such as Xenon or Mercury lamps. The light has to be pointed onto the Microdisplay. The Microdisplay either DLP, LCoS or HTPS creates the image which is projected thru the projection lens.

Optical design of multi channel CCD camer

Optical design of multi channel CCD cameras A projector is an output device which is producing light – which is contrary to the concept of a camera. A camera captures the light and directs it onto light sensitive elements on the CCD.

When using a 3 CCD camera the spectrum of the light is split into different bands of wave lengths - each falling onto a dedicated CCD camera. This improves spectral performance of the camera – so it is possible to see UV or IR light which cannot be seen with the human eye.

Such cameras are used for medical, security, night vision systems.