System Assembly

M-Tech Systems GmbH has the facilities for the complete assembly of projector light engines as well as of CCD camera blocks:

RGB alignment of the microdisplays

M-Tech Systems GmbH has developed specific alignment algorithms for the mounting of the Microdisplays with UV-activated glues. For the in-house production there are some semi-automatic alignment machines in the dark area of the cleanroom. M-Tech Systems GmbH has more than 10 years of experience in the alignment of Microdisplays.

Optical, mechanical and electronics assembly

In the greyroom and assembly shop specially trained people build together the complete product. M-Tech Systems GmbH also provides the customized tooling for manufacturing these special products.

Quality management system

Defined work processes, from the procurement down to the final test, are mandatory and of course M-Tech Systems GmbH's standard for producing such high quality devices.