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Here, we provide an info folder and full technical specifications on our product specifications in the form of a downloadable PDF.

Folder GT 200

With the “GT 200”, M-Tech Systems GmbH has developed an innovative tool, which is being successfully used in research and development as well as for quality management in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry and also in the metal industry. (English)

Folder  light module production

Modern technologies reinventing production - M-Tech Systems GmbH leaves you perfectly prepared for the future. Discover individual automation concepts tailored for lighting module production. (English)

Info sheet sheet lens assembly

M-Tech Systems GmbH is expert when it comes to assembling optoelectronic units. This includes lens assembly. (English)

Info sheet micro-mirror assembly

Precision is a top priority for M-Tech Systems GmbH - as is amply reflected in the approach we take when it comes to assembling optoelectronic devices. (English)

Info sheet microdisplay
alignment machine

Whether used at work or for home cinema, modern projectors have high expectations to live up to: sharp images, strong contrasts, a compact, silent and well-cooled piece of equipment. (English)

Info sheet robot handling

It should be quick, simple and cost-effective: M-Tech Systems GmbH turns older machines into highly modern and automated systems using robots. (English)

Info sheet Roboeye

Whether it‘s retroactive automation of existing plants or developing state-of-the-art robot systems - M-Tech Systems GmbH has an intelligent solution at its fingertips: RoboEye. (English)

Info sheet MA 100 Six Axis Unit

M-Tech Systems GmbH is the only company in the world with expertise in 3-chip alignment stations. (English)