Automation equipment - Automation technology

M-Tech Systems GmbH supplies automation solutions to industry across the board.

Labelling and packaging systems, assembly or positioning systems - M-Tech Systems GmbH covers the whole range of automation technology. Boasting expertise in fields as diverse as mechanical design and electrotechnical project planning right up to software programming and commissioning.

Collaborating with partners, but also working in-house, M-Tech Systems GmbH provides mechanical production and assembly of individual components. What we offer is the right equipment and, most importantly, technicians expert in control cabinet construction.

 Surfacing plant

  • Place hand-made products onto the belt
  • Turn the products around
  • Test the hardness
  • Measure the products
  • Mark them with a laser
  • Treat the products and their surfaces
  • Using a robot, stack them
  • 1 million products per year
  • Cycle time < 15sec

Radiator assembly

  • Flattening sheet metal
  • Punching + bending tools
  • Rotary indexing table for assembly
  • Grouting procedure
  • Withdrawal by ABB
  • Feeding to furnace belt
  • Cycle time 3 seconds
  • 3-shift operation
  • Concept
  • Project planning
  • Construction
  • Schedule
  • E-plan
  • Function list
  • I/O list
  • PLC program
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning