Automating vehicle construction

Illuminant manufacturing system for car headlights

Plants to produce core units for car headlights based on LED, laser and MEMS. Optoelectronic components are glued to optics such as MEMS, microdisplays, lasers, LEDs, lenses, CMOS chips and CCD chips ...

Production period: 5 seconds to 1 minute


  • Automatic picking and clamping of the base body
  • Automatic component picking
  • Determine the component position in space, multiple cameras
  • Apply UV adhesives and/or alternative adhesives
  • Attach component with 10 µm accuracy

Special features:

  • A reliable safe system works in the 10µm range
  • Camera inspection with the ability to verify the measuring equipment capability
  • The adjustment process runs fully automatically
  • Patent Micromanipulator Process