Automating the abrasives industry

Disk processing plant

Disk packs from the kiln are fed to the plant on the kiln container. The slices are separated from the circulating material, checked and packed and labelled in cardboard boxes.

The system is capable of processing grinding and cutting disks. The wheel inspection meets the requirements of applicable regulations for the abrasives industry. Each disk is inspected and assigned a serial number to ensure traceability.

The cycle time depends on the disk size and runs to approx. 2 sec.

Automatic Disk Tester

The disks are inspected to determine all fault criteria in accordance with applicable standards: Weight, imbalance, side-stroke, thickness and optical errors. Checking takes place fully automatically and the results are fed back into the customer's server database on an ongoing basis. Each inspected disk then has a serial number assigned in the connected laser engraving station.

Teflon transfer station

The cut-off disks are separated using Teflon discs for the furnace process. When automatically processing the discs, the cut-off disks must be separated from the Teflon discs. All of which is done using a procedure developed in house. The process pulls the Teflon off the discs, but without damaging them. The station cycle time depends on the pulley diameter and is 2 secs for large pulleys and correspondingly less for smaller ones.